an eagle’s wing


haven’t you ever tried to wish for an eagle’s wing? because i do.

i wish i’ve learned to enjoy soaring no matter how strong the wind is.

flying without limit….i wish i do.


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  1. Fly with no fear.
    Reach the sky with smile
    Brave mind to encircle your dreams
    Keep your wings open
    See and touch the human world.

    Fly like an eagle
    Fly like tomorrow is your end
    Land over the hands of promise
    My little princess firefly
    Your dream is my realm- J.Kulisap

    • sometimes wishes do come true,
      may the possibilty favors me kuya kulisap…
      do fireflies can have wings like an eagle?
      seems like i’m asking for impossible, but i do have will, may it be my guide to fly higher…. with God’s grace.

  2. Kayang kaya mo. Nandyan na ang kagustuhan, tatrabahuhin na lamang.

    Kung hindi man maging positibo, may iba pang naghihintay.

    Kaya nga mundo, kayang palakihin, kayang paliitin.

  3. Ibulong ko na lang……


    yan with wings….
    wahahahahha corny..

    kaya mo yan, nasa isipan lang yan… Di na kailangang maging Icarus at Daedalus…
    Spread your wings and then glide, parang sa A Walk in the Clouds.. toinks …..

  4. i spread my wings…and i learn how to fly…….haha, kanta na lang ako, baka makamotivate sa paglipad.

    mag para-gliding nalang tayo… saan kaya pwedeng makasubok nun?….wala yata sa pilipinas…

    ayan, kung anu-ano na tong pumapasok sa isip ko..hahaha

    • Ayon sa aking pagsasaliksik, hehehehehe:

      ” Tuesday, March 18, 2008
      Paragliding in the Philippines

      Paragliding is gaining popularity in the Philippines. There is incredible potential here in Negros and many other locations throughout the mountainous regions of the Philippines. In addition there are many coastal bluffs which just cry out to be flown. The problems center around accessibility, sources of supply, and infrastructure. This is changing. There are a handful of dedicated Paragliding enthusiasts here in the Philippines.
      There is a Yahoo group for sharing interests and information.

      Here are some paragliding sites located in the Philippines.

      1. Montalban Rizal – This site is 1 hour drive east of Manila. 312 meters high. Good for west and west-southwest winds from June to October. Drive up. Plenty of flat space below for landings.
      2. Dingalan Aurora – This site is 4 hours drive northeast of Manila. Coastal ridge at 253 meters high. Good for east and east-northeast winds from November to May. Bottom landing is on the beach. Top landing areas are plentiful.
      3. Nabas Aklan – This site (called Max ridge) is 15 minutes drive south of Boracay island. Coastal ridge at +200 meters high. Good for east and east-northeast winds from November to May. Landing is on the beach.
      4. Sta Cruz Zambales – This site is 5 hours drive north of manila. +500 meters high. Good for west and west-northwest wind from June to October. Site is drive up.
      5. Sual Ridge Beginners site – This site is 5 hours drive north of Manila. Inland ridge at 76 meters high. Flyable all year round on both west and east sides for westlerly and easterly winds respectively.
      Posted by RHB at 6:53 PM
      Labels: Paragliding ”

      Ayos ba?????

  5. You already have wings. You always tried to fly but you didn’t noticed that you were up ahead because you thought you were just walking.

    You already have wings and it is ever growing. Those wings paved the way for you to see the horizon of your dreams.

    It’s just that you thought you never had those wings and you wish to have a pair.

    Close your eyes. Feel the wind that surrounds you. Open up your heart, your mind, your soul. It is there. Smile. Spread your wings and soar high. 🙂

  6. impossible is nothing,that is if your dream comes true,but to make your dream comes true you must work for it. I’m a paramotor Instructor,the only filipino for the moment and teaching in the Philippines. I work for it eventhough I have to borrow money from friends,loan money from the loan sharks eventually I made it,I became an instructor,but do you think thats a happy ending? when I became an instructor many people in the paragliding community(in the Philippines) questioned my integrity as an PPG instructor,many became detractors even telling would be students not to take the course from me,so sadly to tell you,most of my students are foreingners thats why paramotoring is so slow to grow in our country,but still there are some filpino that believe me. success is not happy ending,its always an openning for another struggle. but onething i’m proud of. i’m the first filipino to become an instructor and to teach PPG here in the ph. nobody could take that away from me.

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