i don´t know why i let myself  write another entry which in fact,  i´m  in a state of confusion…don’t know what to say, trying to count my worth, trying to figure out what am i going to do… in the midst of volumes of paper works… so hard, when youŕe meeting deadlines but your stagnant.

then, in a flash, missing students life, missing friends and family, it was like you were in a busy street but you think you were in a lonely dead road.

you let your self  be transported in another world, your own world were you can fly freely… with friends out of imagination….

then  phone rings….

back to reality, your still seating on your little domain, your little space, with officemates who didn’t have any slightest idea that you already traveled miles away through your winged mind.

funny… if  just the power of our mind let us travel physically then im already home, or else in the  peak of mt. everest…hahaha

you see, i’m  writing a waste entry again…… I’M SORRY FOR WASTING YOUR TIME.


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  1. damn…

    first of all don’t be sorry for such crap as what you want to say as it is… but mind you, what you posted isn’t a trash at all.

    anyway, i think we all wish that we could travel to where we want as fast as our thought could. most of the time when you feel bored, stagnant and living a routinary life your mind journey to happy and adventureous moments.

    but reality hurts… how many times did i end up like what you are feeling right now. and if i could say the f word out loud… i did long time ago.

    cheer up! life may seem worthless at some point… but that’s where you pick up yourself and move on with worthiness. 😀

    • Which one jess? the topic?

      You should say sorry my little princess. I am waiting for your Maranao write-ups, about the Muslims..etc..etc.

      Or may I call you, EMOninipot. Sounds fitting in your game.

      • hmm, don’t worry kuya di ako mag-popost ng bagong entry hangga’t di ko magawa ang request mo….tambak lang talaga ang trabaho… para akong pinapagawa ng thesis in a week…yan ang situation ko ngayon kaya pasensya muna.

  2. No entry is a waste entry. Seriously. We all have the right to post whatever we want to. And every other person has the right to show interest or not. Everything is entirely up to us, and I guess what’s most importent is that we were able to express ourselves. Now, you won’t consider that a waste of time, would you?

  3. Hahaha most of the time ganyan din ako. Wandering mind…. until i entered the blogosphere… and found you.
    (naks parang panglabentayms hehehe)
    basta. malalagpasan mo rin ang stage na ito. maniwala ka.

  4. Ani, si kuya mo ito, magagalit kapag gusto niyang paluin sa pwet si Ani pero love ko pa rin little princess ko.

    Sige lang, magdrama ka lang.

    Hayaan mo na kaibigan mo, pumayag siya eh.

    • sabagay, super bigat talaga ng nararamdaman ko ngayon… gusto kung maglupasay sa iyak..yong ibubuhos lahat… pero nasa opisina ako, naluluha na nga ako, kaso baka magtaka ang mga offismates ko bakit bigla nalang akong umiyak….

      dinag-dagan pa ng trabaho, minsan gusto kong sumuko, hindi sa hindi kaya ang mga gawain kaso kapag may titira sayo ng harapan at wala kang ka-alam-alam na ganun ang mangyayari… di ka makapagsalita, parang tatanggapin mo nalang, nasaisip mo ang gumanti pero talo ka ng konsensya mo.

      ang hirap, ang hirap ngumiti na may dinadala ka, halo-halo, ang hirap nang pagsubok sa totoong buhay, mas gugustuhin ko pang araw-araw may academic exam, pero wala,iba ang realidad..

      kung pwede nga lang itulog na lang ang bigat ng nararamdaman, gagawin ko….haays! emoness, wala akong choice eh!

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