tae lang si aninipot


Sometimes reality hit us without permission. Since we are unguarded, its outcome strikes us straight down to our frailty.

I admit that I am sensitive, I was a cry baby, and I could be easily affected by just a simple conversation. Yeah! I am just like that no need to elaborate. But don’t judge me, it is just how I cope up when I felt that everything are suddenly fallen out of my hand.

Now, I fully understand the value of putting yourself at the right place. Time is not enough to understand how each of us stands to what we believed. No one could understand our choice of principle because everyone had a different version of handling the situation equivalent on what we wanted to be the output of our action.

The choice of word is important in talking with a sensitive issue. We never know how it affects the person whom you are talking, but anyway just disregard this post since I’m just blabbing things which I know that can only be understood by a few.

Things I learned right now, expectations allowed us to be vulnerable, it vividly showed us the real color of a relationship, any kind of relationship. Once you start showing your true color to somebody, try to check if you are ready to accept the consequence of failed expectations. Once you step out of the line, everything will change, things is out of our control. Why? Because we are not the only person in this world, everyone has its own role. We are not always the lead cast of a movie. Once we will see the perspective of other individual we will realize how ordinary we are.

Ok, naag-iinarte lang ako.. hindi ako to. Ibang tao ang nagsulat nito..hahaha


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  1. “try to check if you are ready to accept the consequence of failed
    expectations, ” – tsinek ko, anini. hindi nga ako ready. :]

    eniweys, napatunayan ko nang mas kaya kong mag-handle ng tae kaysa sa ihi. hindi ko makayanan ang stale na ihi ng tao, hayop, mala-hayop atbp… hala, para tae lang :]]

  2. ok. english kaya medyo pahirapan na intindihin.

    para may maikomento pa ring matino, sasabihin ko na lang katapangan pa rin ang sumubok na magpahayag ng saloobin kaysa hayaan itong manatiling nakatago sa sarili. kung pimalpak man, nag iba ang resulta kesa sa inaaasahan,eh ano naman? at least nasabi mo.

    • tama kapitan hook! atleast naipakita natin kung ano ang pananaw natin sa mga bagay-bagay, hindi naman kase lahat ng panahon maiintindihan natin ang ibang tao. hehehe, maiintindihan mo kaya ako?

  3. You are taking risks when you let somebody know who you really are. But we know we have to do that every now and then, because if we don’t, we know we may end up like one of those people who sulk in the corner complaining why nobody ever understands us when we perfectly know it was our fault that it was so.

    I say to hell with people who don’t like you after you’ve shown who you really are. We are not living in an effing telenovela. Tell them to go fish for superficial people and see how shallow their relationships would be.

    Ani, sino pala nagsulat?

    • right vajee, it may end up different from what we wanted, at least i did try to show what’s on my mind. Some of us are scared, but how would they know us if we are consistently hiding from the image we project.

      hehehe, ibang aninipot ang nagsulat vajee.. tinamaan ng hanging puti hindi nya maisatagalog ang nasimulan kaya tinapos nalang.

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