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kumplikadong complicated


Minsan kahit ako hindi ko rin maabot kung hanggang saan kayang dumating ang isipan ko. Lumipad hanggang sa dulo ngunit pagdating sa dulo wala palang katapusan ang pupuntahan ko. Kelangan kong bumalik maintindihan ulit ang simula para mabigyang direksiyon ang susunod ng parte ng dulong pinangarap ko.

The principle of life lies on the basic way we live. It is neither how far we go nor how depth our understanding is. But, learning how to understand the simplest method we interact with one another, with our environment and attaching it on what our perspective in the future. This is not an essay or an attempt to understand others but this is only how my mind stumble on its own. I’m neither a scientist nor a philosopher trying to share the wisdom that she learned through the years but a complicated thought of a mid twenties person trying to understand the nature she lives in.

The irony of everything is that we wanted to understand complications by making it simple. However, should it not be the other way around? The simplest form is part of the complicated system. On trying to make everything simple we destroy the equilibrium of everything. Try to look how the nature balances itself. Try to imagine the principle of food chain. Its complication benefits everyone under its web chain. However, eliminate one of its member does the system works properly? The law of nature shows that the more complicated the system is the more balance it is. We can’t live on our own, nor can nature stand on its own the interdependency of everything is visible. We are all connected, the same as how every situation is connected. The cause and effect, reason and answers and you and me, it all boils down how simple our life but interlocked in a complicated way.

Ang gulo ng utak ko no? napapa-englis ako. Hindi ko rin kayang tagalogin ang nasa isip ko. Hahaha.