Letter for YOU # 1


Dearest You,

Hi! you might find greetings as cliche but hopefully this letter may set you into a lighter mood and please find time to smile, a gift for your self. 🙂

I’m fond of a written letter sent through snail mail. Rarely we find a person who wrote with words carefully constructed and emotionally moving. With penmanship that reminds you back to the times where emotions are sealed into envelopes. Adding the long waits for response that tickles imagination and longings that keeps emotion burning.

How lucky are those who have experience those way of communications. A formal hand strokes as a symbol of sincerity. Poetic phrases inspired by moon and stars. Isn’t it what we missed with our generation right now? Have you ever dreamed of receiving a letter with words perfectly spelled instead of a shorten text? maybe I am born in a wrong era.

But we never know, maybe someone, somewhere, you are reading this. Please do send me a letter.

sincerely yours,


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