to believe



Is it wrong to believe that there’s always goodness in everyone’s heart
Is it wrong to believe that someday this world will be a better place
Is it wrong to stand on what you believe in
or we just find it wrong because we never see what’s meant to live in real world.

Maybe someday,
You will understand what I mean
Perhaps your world is clouded with pain
Perhaps you haven’t seen the beauty of this place that we live in
Perhaps you just forgot to appreciate simple things
or you just choose to close your eyes

and just believed what you think is right

Is it my eyes or your eyes who can’t see
the kindness beneath darkness
the smile within hardship
and the calmness every after storm
am I wrong?


3 responses »

      • awww!!! ayoko rin isipin yang time… kanino ba babalik ang tanong na “who’s not getting any younger?” hehehehe… anyway, at the end of the day… sisikat muli ang liwanag ng araw pag katapos ng unos sa ating buhay buhay πŸ™‚

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