Pain of betrayal


Loving someone also means ready to take the pain when heartache came.
But the most painful thing a person will receive is when someone you love betray you. Hurt you unconsciously or subconsciously because he or she choose his/her happiness.

It’s a stab that puts a hole in your heart. You don’t know if it can be healed or you just let the wounds embrace you. Hoping that someday you’ll be okay.

It hurts so much that all you wanted to do is either laugh or cry. Laugh to hide the pain or just cry your heart out.

list of what if’s…
Being hopeful to little things that you thought can salvage your relationship.
Unnecessary memories,holding on to it even if you already know that nothing will change.

You were a walking zombie. Trying to live a life even if you’re feeling empty inside.

But amidst those pains you were still praying for your healing and to that person who hurt you.

Forgiving is so hard but, the only way is to forgive so you can also forgive yourself and starts to heal.


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