Finding the real you


My dear I know, it’s hard to let go,
In every step, it’s getting harder and harder.
Friends will say, it’s okay.
But you know it’s not true.
Sleepless night is on the side.
Darker thoughts will soon arise.
But soon you will realized that being scared is alright.

My dear I know, getting back on your feet is not easy.
Accepting your flaws is difficult to do.
Telling families and friends that it failed is a burden.
But you know that silence is not the answer.
Soon, you will know where you belong.
Darkness makes you see the light.
Life is tough but you know you’ll get through.

My dear I know, we don’t want pain.
But it’s not life if we don’t experience things.
Being weak is alright.
Sometimes being strong means shedding tears.
Reality is tough but happiness is a choice.
life is still beautiful after all.


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